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Content Highlights

Over 30 Speakers representing the captive insurance industry.
An Introduction to Captive Insurance Fundamentals

A panel will discuss the roles of seven vital service providers and their impact on the five main stages of a captive’s lifecycle.


Opening Plenary: The North Carolina Domicile: Ten Years Later

Keynote speakers, Thomas Adams and Alex Webb celebrate 10 years of NCCIA with a film and remarks from the founders.

Since 2014 the North Carolina Captive Insurance Association has brought captive leaders together to share resources and promote captive business growth. Join us in Asheville, North Carolina from April 28 – May 1, 2024 to recognize our collective accomplishments and contribute to the future of captives in the state.
Annual Commissioner’s Luncheon

Department of Insurance Commissioner, Mike Causey, shares his thoughts on the North Carolina captive insurance industry over lunch on Tuesday, April 30.

Final Plenary: Annual Regulator and Legislative Update

Listen to Kris Rizzolo and Bailey Roese review the changes in regulations and legislation and how they affect the captive industry.

Continuing Education Content over three days for attorneys, accountants and ICCIE certification holders.
Expanding the Use of Your Captive:

A panel discussion about innovations that can help stabilize risk financing programs. Speakers: Mike Meehan, Claire Richardson, and Anjanette Fowler

Now That I Have My Data, What Do I Do with It?

This session informs on how to demand accountability from service providers, query historical data for claim overpayment, and mitigate potential legal risks. Speakers: Anna Quarum, Merrit Quarum, Ira Weintraub

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