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NCCIA Newsletter | February 2018


(SOUTHERN PINES)…..Coming on March 12th, a brand new NCCIA Website with new features and a new format. The new format is fully cell phone or tablet friendly.

Work began on the site update several months ago after budget approval by the NCCIA Board. Mark your calendars to take a look at the new site on March 12th. The web address will remain the same at,

WOW! GREAT NEWS for North Carolina as a captive domicile! The NCDOI Captive Insurance Companies Division continues to evaluate 2017 year-end applications. As of today, February 28, below are the statistics as of year-end 2017 (these numbers are not final):

 Stand-alone captive insurers:

  1. Captive insurers licensed with effective dates since inception to 12/31/2017 (active and terminated): 243

  2. Captive insurers that have terminated since inception to 12/31/2017: 12

  3. Captive insurers licensed with a 2017 effective date: 64

  4. Captive insurers that terminated with 2017 effective date: 11


  1. Cells/series approved since inception to 12/31/2017 (active and terminated): 429

  2. Cells/series terminated since inception to 12/31/2017: 33

  3. Cells/series approved with 2017 effective date: 60

  4. Cells/series terminated with 2017 effective date: 13

 The NCDOI captive insurance regulatory team will be exhibiting at Booth #1 during the upcoming 2018 CICA International Conference March 11-13.

The Department reminds us  that the annual filing due dates are coming up. The first filings due this year are Form C-202 (Direct Economic Impact) and Form C-200 (Annual Report). A filing checklist with all of the due dates are available on the NCDOI’s website at the following

Thomas Adams, NCCIA President and CEO said “The tentative numbers of new captives and cells approved for 2017 confirms that North Carolina has become a key domicile for captive insurance companies in the United States. This growth shows the strength of captive legislation adopted by the state which obviously compares most favorably with that enacted in other states. The role of Commissioner Causey’s staff cannot be stated strongly enough in the overwhelming success of the captive industry in North Carolina.”

What do the 70s Disco groups the Bee Gees, Donna Summer, the Village People and The Tramps have in common with the 2018 NCCIA Annual Conference? On Tuesday night bring your polyester bell bottoms, long collared shirts and dancing shoes to an authentic 70s disco party in an authentic 70s bar for a party that will transport you back in time.

This year’s conference being held at the LeMeridien and Sheraton Hotels in Uptown Charlotte August 20-22 will move us indoors from our traditional Beach Music and Pig picken’ to a music and fun filled evening in a genuine 70’s Disco. We promise you an exciting evening of dancing, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in this classic setting. Early bird registration for this years conference opens in late April.

Sponsorships and exhibit space are now available for the 2018 Annual Conference in Charlotte. Please contact the association office at the address below for availability and pricing.

Take a good look at this issue of the NEWSLETTER. This is the last time it will appear in this “Kiplinger” style format. Beginning with the March edition there will be a new format and additional articles of interest to the captive community. To make this change your association needs your help. You will have the opportunity to publish articles, promote new products your company may off and share your opinions on hot topics. For more information please contact the headquarters office at the address below.

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