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The captive insurance market in North Carolina has been growing rapidly since the state became a captive domicile in late 2013.” said Commissioner Wayne Goodwin. “I expect interest in captives to increase in the second half of 2014 with the improvements we’ve made to our captive legislation. Captive insurance provides businesses with new opportunities and benefits North Carolina’s economy. Click here for more information.
NC Department of Insurance


The program for NCCIA 1st Annual Conference, August 24-26 is now available along with registration. Click here for details.
Governor Pat McCrory has signed the technical corrects bill to the NC Captive Insurance Act as supported by NCCIA.

The technical corrections bill to the 2013 Captive Insurance Act introduced in May by Rep Linda Johnson has passed the general Assembly according to Thomas L Adams, President & CEO of NCCIA. Adams said “NCCIA is pleased that the legislature moved this bill during the short session.” We expect these changes will bring additional captives and redoms to North Carolina by keeping the NC Captive Act as state of the art. Click here to learn more.

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NC Dept of Insurance

The NCDOI has responsibility for licensure and regulation of captive insurance companies in the state. Press here for the NCDOI web site.